forthcoming gigs… first time I’ve started using the Oyinboy name out…

Frost 214 - If I Die 2Nite

Digging this independent jam from Frost 214 - he’s riding the Beethovan melody that last saw light of day in Nas’s single of near a decade back, I Can. Like Nas, Dallas native Frost has got some realness to spit, and he’s straddling that conscious-but-street vibe with style. I’m particularly loving the fatback bass sound - in many ways this could be a cut straight from late 90s ATL, which, let’s face it, is never gonna be a bad thing.


Rapid has been a don on the underground for time enough, now he’s going for some mainstream success. He’s got an EP out end of March, and the promo I’ve been sent it pretty much fire start to finish. Such a relief to hear a UK MC still trying to innovate with his beats and delivery - currently there’s so many London cats trying to sound like French Montana or 2 Chainz over some par Mike Will knock off… its getting me down… Not Rapid though, check the current single, it’s got a shuffling, afro influenced rhythm that nods to grime and looks forward. On the rest of the EP, you can hear the influence of American producers like Juicy J and the aforementioned Mike Will, but it’s all run through a UK filter, sounding fresh n grimey rather than a pale clone. Whether there’s a space for him on UK mainstream stations that seem desperate for that cheap pop trance urban shit remains to be seen.

Fuse ODG: the Afrobeats trailblazer who's ready to blow

Joey B - Tonga ft Sarkodie

K, hold everything. This track is going to sneak into your mind. Joey B drops lyrics with the languid delivery of a practiced street sleaze, and DJ Breezy has the creeping beat to match. There’s a bunch of other artists jumping on this riddim, and I think it’s going to grow and grow…

Lighter - Bounce to the Beat - Azonto banger….

Hard, minimal, funky, win.

Drake - Trophies

I wasn’t gonna post any major label hip hop this year, but Drizzy’s just gone in too much to ignore. Apparently he has to use a walkie talkie to get a beverage, which puts him in the same league as every builder on a medium to large scale building site, ever. #winning.

Mapei - Don’t Wait (Kingdom Remix)

Man I can’t stop listening to this. Fresh off masterminding Kelela’s breakout mixtape, Kingdom has gone HAM on the Mapei cut Don’t Wait, and the results are just perfect. He’s gone for heart tugging, tear streaming, lung bursting futuristic emotional armageddon and come up golden.

It’s great to see Mapei back in the picture - her jam Video Vixen came out way back in the myspace era, and was followed by not that much. I guess she’s just stayed determined, and it looks like it’s paying off, props. 

Playing with Digital Soundboy on the weekend. HYPED.

Playing with Digital Soundboy on the weekend. HYPED.